Blue Sol

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Before you come to class...

  • Things to know
    • Refer to yoga etiquette for most questions
    • All Yoga classes
      • Eat light 2-3 hours prior to class
      • Wear light breathable clothing that is fitted.
      • Bare feet is normal, (non slip socks or gloves can be worn).
      • Bring small towel.
      • Children 13 years and older can participate in Adult classes with parental consent.
    • Hot/Warm Classes need:
      • Bring a large and small towel.
      • Hydrate throughout day.
      • Bring Water

Forms to sign and give to Blue Sol Yoga 
(Please bring forms filled out with you to your first visit.)

Yoga Etiquette Form

  • This will give you an understanding of what you are expected to do in a yoga class at Blue Sol Yoga, as well as familiarize you to the customs of coming into class and what will be happening.

Health Waiver Form

  • Yoga can be challenging, and we just want to make you aware of the risks involved, just incase.