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  • Hot Yoga DetoxRoom is purposely heated to 95-100 degrees. This class combines breath work, long holds and lengthening asanas (poses) which strengthens the body, creates flexibility and steadies the mind. The same postures can be practiced at different levels of ability. (Increased temperatures may make class more difficult for some.

  • Warm Vinyasa: This class is a 60 to 90min class in a room that is purposely heated to 85-90 degrees. This class combines the external heat with internal warmth using vinyasa flow. The benefit of this class creates a union of cardio, strengthening, increased flexibility, and a greater awareness to the breath all in one.

  • Ashtanga: Ashtanga is a physically demanding class. The class moves through a series of vinyasa flow, jumping from one posture to another to build strength, flexibility and stamina. We recommend that you already have a strong yoga practice. Intermediate Level Class.

  • Vinyasa Flow: “Breath with movement”. The teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This class increases flexibility and strength while maintaining a steady flow that will get the heart pumping. 

  • Yoga Fusion: This class strengthens the body using the yoga asanas and core strengthening, also relieving tension and stress with breathing and relaxation techniques. Yoga Fusion is a dynamic and challenging class. Open to All Levels.

  • Gentle Yoga: This class is based on the Kripalu Yoga style. We will focus on tuning into the body, breath and movement to create a flexible body and calm mind. Open to All Levels.

  • Deep Stretch: This class is a Restorative based yoga class. We will focus on tuning into the body using stretching and strengthening yoga asanas (poses). This class allows the mind, body, and sol to be rejuvenated. Open to All Levels.


At Blue Sol Yoga we offer class packages to suit your lifestyle.

We have 3 different paying options to please your YOGA Appetite!

    • Unlimited Yoga MEMBERSHIPS with auto pay.
    • Pay Per Class
    • Unlimited Packages with NO CONTRACT 
    • Lower Monthly Rate.
    • 10% Discount on all retail purchases.
    • Exclusive members-only yoga classes.
    • Discounts on events and workshops.

      Membership-Contract (Auto Pay Membership)
      Best Value               More Benefits              Least Hassle

      If you take at least three yoga classes per week, a membership is the BEST value! The more classes you attend, the less you pay per class. Once you sign up for a Membership Blue Sol Yoga will automatically deduct your monthly payment from your credit/debit card or checking account at no hassle to you. 

      A 3 month minimum commitment required! 30 day notice to cancel memberships.

      Benefits of Memberships: